About Peter Shalson

Born in the UK, Peter Shalson came from nowhere to become one of the UK’s richest men.

Peter started out life as a common door-to-door salesman which honed his skills for business when entering a coat hanger manufacture called Braitrim.  He brought the coat hanger business to great heights and after purchasing the company itself he achieved a multi-million pound world-wide market.

Later on Shalson made a name for himself by building up a ‘Pubfolio’; an acquisition of a vast number of pubs in the UK.  Peter’s plan was praised for releasing many landlords from the pin-hold breweries had on them for what drinks they could serve, the UK pub industry hasn’t looked back since.

Branching out to work with other entrepreneurs Peter Shalson invested in an internet service provider, the housing market, Pitch TV and even a ‘soft brew’ from a drinks company recommended by his friends.

A reported £5m Wedding threw the usually publicly-quiet Peter into the tabloids with Elton John surprisingly being the main wedding singer!

Peter’s charity work involves many disadvantaged and poorly children; he donated significant amounts of money to an Osteopathic Centre for children as well as a cancer clinic.  Other donations and continued support from Peter include a centre for under-privileged children who want to enter higher education and ‘The Presidents Club’, a group of donors that support many worthy causes.

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